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Wrong Valve
A Digigirl Story
By Panahinuva

The name of the club was Dera-Skins and, despite the vaguely terrible name, it was probably the best club in Vocamon’s territory.  It was quite large, with rooms for dancing, both by patrons and by employees, for drinking, for eating and for more intimate activities.  Vocamon enjoyed visiting it often.  Currently, she and RockGreymon were sitting at a table, having dinner while watching the club’s resident Angewomon and LadyDevimon strip team performing their routine.  Vocamon loved it.  There was did DJKabuterimon describe it...Lust/hate between the two that the show practically crackled with tension.  Despite having seen them five or six times, she still wasn’t sure whether, after they finished the routine, the two went behind the curtain to fuck, beat each other senseless or both.  When they finished, exiting the stage, glaring at each other furiously, Vocamon applauded as loudly as her mate.  She then stood up.  RockGreymon glanced at her curiously.  She smiled at him.  “Don’t worry sweetheart, I’m not leaving.  I just have to go send a message.”  
He nodded and returned his eyes to the stage, where a Lilymon had just come on, blushing shyly as a beanpole sprouted from the floor. “Tell Dancer that her cousin’s got her first act.”  He called after her.
She laughed.  “I was going to contact BeatZudomon about tomorrow’s performance, but I’ll make sure to drop her a line as well.”  She called back.  She headed for the server room.  She’d hook into the link up and send a few messages, then head back and rejoin RockGreymon.  Little did she know that the club was dealing with an infestation of Keramon, which had eaten through the transfer pipes.  
In their haste to get everything back in working order for their empress’s visit, management had relinked the valves to the nearest pipes, without checking which pipes were being hooked to which valves.  So, as Vocamon slipped the cap off the output valve and pressed it to her forehead to transfer her messgages, she didn’t realize that she had just attached the club’s input valve to her core, which resulted in her body receiving a massive input of porn.  Fortunately for her, the club’s filters were also hooked into her, otherwise she would’ve become more of a mixed up monstrosity than Kimerawomon.  Unfortunately this meant that she received a giant download of perverted pictures of herself into her data core, which caused settings to change and switches to flip and changes inside and out to fit the new data pouring in.
Digivolution rings formed around her and her breasts started to swell, growing inside of the confines of her tank top before that started to shift as well, transforming into a piece of fabric that looped around her and somehow managed to stick to her nipples, just covering them as they grew.  Her hips also widened, stretching her thong to the limits, forcing it to sprout a few more strings to keep itself in place.  Her hat shrank, leaving itself as a simple blindfold, allowing her orange hair to flow freely down her back.  Her boots, if anything, grew taller, heels pushing downwards as her legs became even more shapely, pushing out her new bubble butt.
The pipe finally fell away and Vocamon stumbled back, no longer the slim, athletic pop star that she had been before, but now a voluptuous blue angel.  She struck a sexy pose as the rings shattered and exclaimed “StripperVocamon!”  She then shook her head.  “Ugh...Man, I’m horny...and I really want to dance for some reason....”  She muttered, swaying back towards the room where she had left her mate.
As StripperVocamon drew closer to the room, the music started to flow around and through her.  She unconsciously started to sway and bounce, jiggling her chest alluringly and twirling around, shaking her ass.  Then she entered the room and had to resist the urge to head up on stage and go behind the curtain and get ready for her set.  She reminded herself that if she did, it would interrupt the carefully planned program Deramon had for the evening.
When she saw RockGreymon, she instantly dropped into his lap, one hand resting on his thigh.  “Hey cutie.”  She grinned.  “Want a special dance?”
RockGreymon blinked at her.  “Uhhh...V-vocamon?”  He asked.
“StripperVocamon, hun.”  She replied.  “I got the wrong valve, and it feels good.”  She wriggled a little.  “Would you mind...?”  She hefted her boobs and RockGreymon automatically slid a digidollar note into her cleavage, where slid in and vanished.  StripperVocamon relaxed.  “Ahhh, that’s better.  Feels weird to sit on a guy’s lap with no money in the till.”  She giggled.
RockGreymon rolled his eyes.  “Ok, Sora.”  He replied.
She pouted at him.  “You only use my old name when you’re worried about me.”  She said, rubbing his chest.  “I’ll sleep and my systems refresh will purge this all from my system and I’ll be back to the girl you know and love.  It’s just temporary downloaded data.”  She started to stroke his inner thigh with her other hand.  “So just enjoy this, huh?  You paid for plenty.”
RockGreymon managed to relax.  He knew she was right, but it still felt a little weird to see his mate looking and acting like a stripper.  Nevertheless...He picked her up and she squeaked a little in surprise.  “We’re going to our...private room.”  He said, grinning.  “And you’re going to put on a show for me.”
StripperVocamon looked quite pleased.  “Perfect!  You know how to satisfy a lady who’s just been filled up with porn of herself.”  She kissed his cheek and then leaned forward to whisper in his ear.  “I’m gonna use you as a pole, sweetheart.”  RockGreymon blushed as he carried her away.
So, this is the first in a series of Digigirl process stories! There are so many interesting things that can be done with them, so I'm going to work on that. If any of you can think of any fun processy stuff you'd like to see about them, comment below! I can't promise I'll do any of them, but I like new ideas.
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MysticletterQ Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2015
Suggestions I've thought of:

Something involving Eonamon botching an experiment on Hurricanmon and fragments of the data of Seven Demon Lords. The fusion looks like a blonde with black highlights dressed similarly to Ivy Valentine (The Soul Calibur 4 version) that wears a purple version of the Digimon Emperor's cape embroidered with the "Spirit of Wind" symbol alongside Belphemon's horns, Daemon's claws as nails, Beelzemon and Leviamon's tails, her four wings matched up with Lucemon Falldown/Chaos Mode's wings, a more feminine version of Shadowlord/Satan Mode's mask on her face, Lucemon's Rookie form toga color palette on her outfit, Lilithmon's nail polish, cherry red lips, and Barbamon's staff that has Zephyrmon's wings growing out of the staff. She ends up severely damaging and escaping Eonamon's base and comes back to her realm as a tyrant. Only the New Legendary Warriors alongside Serenimon can stop this possessed beast.

Strange weekly mood swings from a new calming tea sold across the realms greatly excite and transform VulpeDaemon into a "Pleasure Mode" that drains power in various facilities near the Digital Underworld and other large cities. She has with black fur in the places the white fur was in her "Rage Mode" along noticeably stiffened nipples, light-blue skin, IceDevimon and Megidramon wings made to fit her body, an extra two tails and glowing blue eyes. After being found out by friends of hers she turns into a rampaging Kaiju sized version of this "Pleasure Mode" that adds a "Digital Hazard" symbol on the broken heart, slightly sharper teeth, and an extra pair of arms that look like her "normal" Rage Mode.

The Keramon fiasco has longer lasting repercussions and ends up slowly turning Vocamon into a Savage She-Hulk esque monster with Diaboromon's hands as tendrils from her back and her hat bursts open with wild auburn hair. She also has Armageddemon's tail and Infermon's heads modified into shoulderpads. Since you have this Taiora thing set up might as well attempt to remake Our War Game and maybe Diaboromon Strikes Back to a degree. Wonder if things like Omni/Omegamon work in this world.

Druidimon during one of her nature protecting routes faces off against a powerful opponent unseen in the forest. She digivolves into a green skinned version of "Rosemon X" but with Burst Mode's color palette and dual wields staves when all else fails. I wish I had a more inspired story for this one.

Some Adamon related multiverse shenanigans to get Mimi, Kari, Jun, and Nanami as "Rulers". Mimi transformed into a strawberry blonde Mai Shiranui lookalike with Rosemon's head gear, Kari turned into a combination of a seraphim and bodybuilder, Jun into fem UlforceVeedramon, etc.

These are ideas for stories I threw out there. Later days!
panahinuva Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
These are some pretty fun ideas!  I've gotten them all written down and I'll see what I can do.
Prismblack91 Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
how did they all transform?
panahinuva Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
In the second epilogue of the conclusion of the Digigirls saga, the Digital world and human worlds were fused, causing all humans to become human/digimon hybrids.  The digigirl empresses were able to control the initial forms of their former team members.
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